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Aliza Klompas,
Certified Real Estate Agent

Making Your Vision a Reality

Aliza Realty is, above all else, dedicated to the client. It is our philosophy that a home and neighborhood have just as much personality as a person might, that is why we don't just sell property, we find properties that you can make your home and guide that transition every step of the way. We work with a wide range of agents in the area which ensures that you get a full picture of the property market and can then make a truly informed decision. We also have a wide network of lawyers, banks, mortgage brokers, builders, and designers to ensure that everything is just right for your home and there is no hurdle in the moving process that we cannot overcome.


Aliza Realty’s client dedication truly shines when considering the countless olim we have worked with and found homes for over the years. We pride ourselves on being there for every step of the process. We are often in touch with people at the very beginning of their aliyah process, we work together to find suitable rentals and eventually their dream home. 


At Aliza Realty we also manage investment portfolios for overseas clients. We again manage the process from beginning to end. Including managing the building process, choosing finishes, taking possession of the property, doing renovations, and finally finding a tenant to occupy the unit. 


From A to Z and back to A again, we have you covered.

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