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Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled and Neve Shamir, similarities and differences you should know

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Ramat Beit Shemesh Daled and Neve Shamir, similarities and differences you should know.

If you currently live in Beit Shemesh or if you are looking to move to the area then you have probably heard about the two new neighborhoods that are being built.

One is known as Daled the second is Hey, which is also called 'neve Shamir'

Many people have asked us what the difference between the two neighborhoods.

So here is a short comparison between them.

Location- In real estate, we always start with the location. As you can see on the map, Never Shamir is attached to Aleph.

Whereas Daled is near Gimmel. Neve Shamir is also closer to the highway and train station.

Size - There is a big difference in the size of the neighborhoods .In Daled there are close to 11,000 units it is actually its own city, divided into 4 quarters. (Daled 1 etc.)

While in Neve Shamir there are currently 2500 apartments being built.

Density: Neve Shamir is planned to be a very spacious neighborhood, with many parks and public areas.

In Daled these also exist but on a standard scale.

Population: If it hasn't been clear until now. These two neighborhoods are zoned for different residents. While Daled is planned as a classic Charedi area (similar to Gimmel), Neve Shamir is built for the general population, probably a bit modern than Aleph.

Apartment types:- In this category, there is nearly no difference. In both, they are building mainly buildings, 3-5 rooms, garden and penthouses apartments. In Neve Shamir, there are also 200 cottages planned., These are specifically reserved and marketed only to soldiers and officers serving in the Army. (in Keva).

Facilities- Both have shopping centers and communal space. Neve Shamir has a country club and pool that is already under construction.

Prices -: For all the reasons explained above, apartments in Daled are cheaper than apartments that are comparable to what is being built in Neve Shamir.

How much cheaper? A four-room apartment of 104 square meters in Daled will cost you around 1.4 million NIS.

A similar apartment in Neve Shamir will cost you 100,000 NIS more in the cheapest project.

If you compare a 3 room apartment you find a similar gap, starting at 1.18 million NIS in Daled whereas in Neve Shamir a similar apartment will cost you at least 1.3 million NIS.

In short, Daled is being built as a whole new city. The Charedi population has a major need for apartments, and Daled is one of the biggest solutions to this need. Apartments are cheaper, and there is probably going to be a big rental market.

Neve Shamir is turning out to be an expansion of Aleph. It has been very well planned with much space for big parks, schools shuls shopping and recreational facilities such as a pool and country club.

It is important to know that besides the differences between the neighborhoods, there are also important differences between the projects in the same area. For this reason, it is important to look carefully into the project you are thinking of buying in and compare it to the other options.

If you would like to see what options are available in both areas, click here.

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